Nieuw jurysysteem


Sinds vandaag introduceerde the WFFA een nieuw jurysysteem voor de sport Freestyle Voetbal! De World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) is het wereldwijde bestuursorgaan van freestyle voetbal. De WFFA streeft naar groei van erkenning voor de sport en deelname aan freestyle voetbal wereldwijd. Ze doen er alles aan om de sport zo goed mogelijk te laten ontwikkelen en de nationale communities te ondersteunen. 


"It is with pride and hope that The World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) announces a new judging system for freestyle football. Over the years there have been many controversial and confusing decisions in freestyle football, without a real explanation.

The new judging system explains in an easily understandable way, why one freestyler wins. Points from zero to five will be given to both of the freestylers battling, in each of the five main criteria: Difficulty, Allround, Originality, Execution and Control. The overall point score determines the winner. There will be one judge for each criterion. This concept is basic and easy to understand, but the whole system has many important details to it.

Over the last couple of years this system has been changed and upgraded to take care of every freestyle cultures’ way of looking at freestyle football. Unofficially, it has also been tested at Super Ball 2017, Dutch Championship 2017 and Polish Championship 2017 with very promising results.

Lukas Skoda, Director of Operations for the WFFA says «This new system will be more fair, more objective and more educative for everyone – for the freestylers, audience and judges.»

The Fagerlibrothers, two professional freestyle football athletes that have been very active in the development of this system says «It should not change anything radically with the results in freestyle football competitions, since the same criteria are still here. But it is systemised in a way to make it a lot easier for the judges to choose the right winner based on clear critera.»"

Hieronder, via de video, meer uitleg over het nieuwe jury systeem.

Guido van Moorselaar